We invite all researchers, policy makers, health care personnel, ... to present their work during the Eight European Conference on Health Law in Ghent, Belgium. 

This congress will offer a unique programme of distinguished keynote speakers, workshops and oral and poster presentations on broad scientific issues covering the conference theme "Quality of Care".

All abstracts will be published in the Book of Abstracts. We also offer the possibility to publish the paper of your presentation in the Book of Proceedings of the Conference. Both books will be offered to all attendees of the conference.

This conference theme will be divided in 4 subthemes:

1. Quality and safety

  • Right to quality of care
  • Liability & compensation
  • Alternative mechanisms for liability & compensation
  • Standard of care (including new technologies)
  • ...

2. Quality of healthcare professionals & practices

  • Recognition, accreditation & certification
  • Quality measurement
  • Inspection mechanisms, deontology & disciplinary sanctions
  • Free movement of healthcare professionals
  • ...

3. Quality and new technology

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Enhancement of healthcare
  • Personalized medicine
  • Clinical decision support
  • ...

4. Quality of health data governance

  • Health data governance
  • Quality of data
  • Quality of care and GDPR
  • Research with health data
  • ...

General information